Here, "Family" simply means

the people that mean everything.

A bit about therapy.

Finding Safer Attachments

Relationships are at the heart of all of our struggles. At the best of times, just thinking of a parent, partner, friend, or child, can calm us and increase our resiliency. But when things aren't going so well, we struggle to connect, we feel distant, and it feels like life. and. death. With some help, you can create healing connections between you and your loved ones so that you can continue on supporting each other through the ups and downs.


Attachment theory tells us that when the relationships most vital to us (such as parents, children, and partners) are in turmoil, our bodies and brains react as though our lives are in danger. This is because humans have a built-in need for connection. Starting at birth, we connect to live. That means as adults, we live to connect. 

In therapy, the top priority is that you feel safe and at ease. Research tells us that if you have a good alliance (that is just a fancy word for relationship) with your therapist, then change will almost certainly happen. During therapy we will explore your struggles, how they relate to your current and past experiences, and find ways to define the emotions that go along with them. You will learn to pay attention to your body, because it's the best way to tell what is going on in your nervous system. Neuroscience tells us that rewiring the nervous system is our best tool for healing from trauma and relating to others better. 

YEG Family Counselling is supportive of all types of families and relationships. Our view is that your family is made up of the people most important to you, whether biological or chosen. Whether you have a traditional family, whether you are queer, whether you are neurotypical or neurodivergent, whether you are married, dating, or single, whatever your skin colour, whatever your background, you can find support here.

Amy Nydam, Registered Psychologist at YEG Family Counselling

Amy Nydam, R.Psych

Amy Nydam, the owner of YEG Family Counselling, is a Registered Psychologist and has been working in the mental health field for over 10 years. She has broad experience, including inpatient mental health, youth corrections, couples therapy, and child and family therapy. Amy loves working with people to help support the most important relationships and connections in their lives.

Amy is formally trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, which she uses with individuals, families, and couples. She is also trained in Synergetic Play Therapy and Theraplay which she uses with kids and parents. Amy is a big nerd when it comes to nervous system research, so all of the techniques she employs are influenced by Interpersonal Neurobiology and Polyvagal Theory. Those big words basically just means that your body and your nervous system hold on to things even once you think you've gotten past them. With help regulating your body, you can feel safe even while working through really tough stuff.

Other than being a therapist, Amy is mom to three wonderful and tiring young children, and is familiar with the joys and struggles that that entails. She also has a few nerdy, obsessive hobbies, including knitting. She enjoys the tactile, calming, productiveness of knitting, and especially enjoys knitting sweaters. Amy is also a huge fan of camping, especially in the National Parks of the US and Canada.

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Rebecca Bonham, MTS

Student Practioner - MPS in process

Rebecca Bonham is a practicum student at YEG Family Counselling. She is a second-year student in the Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality (MPS) program at St Stephen’s College in Edmonton. She has five years of experience as a spiritual care practitioner and hospital chaplain, providing compassionate support to people who are wrestling with questions of meaning and purpose as they navigate suffering, grief, and loss.

Rebecca is passionate about companioning with people to explore the hills and valleys of their life experiences and supporting them as they seek new ways to understand and identify themselves within their own stories.  If you are looking for a safe and caring person with whom to explore ideas, ask questions, wrestle with the familiar, investigate the unknown, and to get to know yourself better, she is ready to help!

When she’s not interning as a therapist-in-training or working as a chaplain, Rebecca keeps busy with her four school-age children and their many adventures. Her family of six loves camping, playing games, dirt biking, and movie nights. Her happiest place is the ocean, but any body of water will do to replenish her spirit. Books make her pretty happy, too.