Amy Nydam, MC

My Experience

  • Registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists #4253

  • Member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta

  • Member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples, Family, and Individual Therapy; working toward certification and Ander supervision.

  • Play therapy training in Synergetic Play Therapy, Theraplay, and Child-centred Play Therapy.

Amy Nydam, MC


Registered Psychologist, Founder

About Me

Amy is the owner and founder of YEG Family Counselling. She specializes in helping individuals, families and couples when Neurodiversity, mental health, and other struggles are getting in the way of communication and connection. She also loves working with new moms, trans and queer couples, and those who have experienced religious trauma.

Working with Me 

Amy is a big nerd when it comes to a few topics, two of which are attachment and the nervous system. In session you will hear her talk about these two things a lot. The bottom line is, when our key relationships (like partner and parent-child relationships) are in distress, our bodies react as though our lives are in danger. Amy believes deeply that this explains so much of what feels in the moment like "irrational" behaviour. We always have a reason for what we do, and usually it has to do with safety.

Amy's style is conversational, relaxed, warm, and empathic, but when she needs to, she is not afraid to interrupt and be directive, especially with couples therapy.

My Ideal Client

Amy works with individuals (12+), couples, and families.

She also works with a limited number of children doing play therapy, based on the complexity of their needs.

Amy especially loves working with:

  • Neurodiverse couples and families (ADHD, Autism, OCD, TD, etc.)

  • Neurodivergent women and non-binary folks struggling with their relationships and/or identity, especially those who have been diagnosed as adults.

  • People who have been hurt, rejected, or alienated from religious communities based on their gender, sexuality, or mental health.

More About Me

Amy is mom to three adorable and tiring young children, and is familiar with the joys and struggles that that entails. She also has a few nerdy, obsessive hobbies, including knitting. She enjoys the tactile, calming, productiveness of knitting, and especially enjoys knitting sweaters. Amy is also a huge fan of camping, especially in the National Parks of the US and Canada.