Chelsey Lachance

My Experience

  • Diploma in Business Administration

Chelsey Lachance


Administrative Assistant

About Me

Chelsey is the administrative assistant at YEG Family Counselling. Her priority is to make your experience as smooth and positive as possible. Therapy has been instrumental in Chelsey’s life and she loves to share this fact in an effort to enlighten others about the benefits of good mental health.

Working with Me 

Chelsey is the kind of person you want in your corner when you're in distress. She is the best combination of warm and practical. When you call, she will answer the phone with kindness, and then she will get shit done. Questions? Answered. Bookings? Done. Need a year's worth of receipts? No problem. Look, no one is perfect, but Chelsey is the kind of person that you can rest assured in: she will take good care of you. 

My Ideal Client

Chelsey especially loves helping people with solving problems. If you call with a long list of questions, great! If you call and don't even know where to begin, that's definitely also ok. So how do you get in touch with this amazing human?

More About Me

Chelsey is artistic and enjoys dabbling in new mediums, from clay sculpting to digital painting to video editing.   When she isn’t creating, you’ll find her on the hammock in her backyard, or on the couch with dog, binging YouTube content.