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Latoya Reid, MSW, RSW


Clinical Social Worker

Latoya Reid, MSW, RSW

About Me

I am a self-titled decolonizing therapist. My intersectionality of identities plays a major role in how I poise myself in being inclusive, anti-oppressive, indigenizing and affirming to my clients. My greatest asset is my ability to create a non-judgmental space where a therapeutic alliance is pivotal, and both clients and myself are able to have a trusting relationship thus enabling comfort in sharing authentically. I don't see clients as problems and instead I focus on healing with individuals, couples (all identities), and families.

My Ideal Client

I truly enjoy the world of psychotherapy and this joy is exuded in my work with clients. While the list is not exhaustive, I am trained in therapeutic crisis intervention, play therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. I especially enjoy working with:

  • Couples who are struggling with navigating their own emotions and relationships

  • Victims and overcomers of any forms of abuse/trauma

  • Victims of racial trauma

  • Individuals struggling through oppression in the work space

  • Folks in identity crisis surrounding their sexual or gender orientation

  • Individuals diagnosed with Bi-polar and personality disorders

  • Parents of children who have been victimized in school or any other institutions in society

Working with Me 

I am a believer that all our thoughts, emotions and actions have root causes. Without insight about the root causes (including biological or neurological), we tend to judge and criticize ourselves and others harshly. With a keen focus on trauma healing, I help clients to navigate how their past and current behaviours may be rooted in traumatic responses trapped in the body, even if not consciously discerned. These tend to manifest as depression, anxiety, dissociation, low self esteem and other maladaptive behaviours or poor coping skills. My clients and I explore a path of self-discovery with unorthodox methods that are tailored to meet their individual needs and learning/processing styles.

My Experience

  • Alberta College of Social Workers

  • Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

  • Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers

When I'm not at YEG FC...

I have been labelled by many as a 'social justice warrior', and this is a title I have come to embrace as a true reflection of me. My life surrounds my immediate family, especially my children for whom I crave an egalitarian world where they can thrive. I am a lover of music and showcase my talent for singing regularly in the shower/bathtub and when doing laundry. My family would say my choice of music often reflects my mood. The best thing to accompany a good playlist is a road trip with my 2 children and hubby. We are avid travellers and enjoy discovering the unknown gems around us.

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