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Rarely alone, always lonely.

You and your partner are stuck in an impossible pattern. Maybe something really awful happened between you and your partner, or maybe you feel exhausted just from the everyday ins-and-outs of family life. But either way, you long to find that warmth and ease again with your partner. With the support of an experienced therapist, you can both be heard and supported as you learn to find that connection again.

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Fertility is the new F word.

Thinking, planning, trying, hoping. Miscarrying. birthing, adopting, or moving on. No matter what the end result, this fertility journey is close to impossible. Even in the best circumstances, it's normal to be constantly on the edge of your ability to cope. You're feeling overwhelmed, sad, agitated, and distant. Whether it's you or your partner going through the biggest physical changes, you may both be reeling from grief, anxiety, mood changes, and disconnection with each other. Find space on your own or with your partner to grieve, cope, and reconnect.

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Image by Akira Hojo

Faith shouldn't hurt.

Faith and cultural communities are wonderful but they can also sometimes cause harm. If you're reading this, you probably have deep roots in faith and culture that have done you good, but also have deeply hurt you. You have been rejected or excluded from your faith community based on your gender, sexuality, or just for having questions. Maybe your experiences have you questioning your traditions and you are trying to make sense of your beliefs. Maybe you are struggling after exposure to purity culture or other limiting beliefs on sexuality. When your questions aren't welcome in a place that claims to be safe, it's hard to know where else to turn. We want you to know, you can turn to us. 

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Stressed Woman

Is it me, Autism or ADHD?

You are a strong person with incredible leadership skills, nuanced ideas, and a unique view of the world. You just can't seem to remember where your keys are, or your relationships are hard to keep hold of. You probably feel like you've been pretending for your whole life, trying to fit in in a world that wasn't made for you. The worst part is that on the hardest days, those moments of disorganization, disconnection, and overwhelm start to convince you that you're failing as a partner, as a parent, or as a person. Don't let a diagnosis be the only thing that defines you OR your relationship.

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Image by Daniel Cheung

My family? Don't get me started.

If someone asks you about how things are going at home, you either have the perfect script you go to, or you just minimize and cover the outlines. You are a step-parent trying to fit in to a new reality or blend families with your partner. Maybe you have in-laws that judge your parenting style or parents who don’t like your partner. You are an adult still arguing with your parents, and they should really know better by now. You have a kid (or two or three) with special needs. You have (gasp!) a teenager. It’s complex. It’s hard. You need support. (And, frankly, so does your whole family.)

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Woman on the Pier

Experiencing  loss. Feeling lost?

If you have been through a tough transition, a death, or an event that you just can't get over, you might have intense fears, spikes of anger or moments of just wanting to be left the heck alone. Or it might be sneakier than that, and you just have an underlying sense of dread or worry. On the outside, you might be holding it together, but on the inside, you are screaming, angry, or numb. You have been struggling silently for too long and you know now that you need someone to help you sort it out.

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Online Counselling

Find Support Wherever You Find Yourself.

Video-based online counselling is safe, secure, and effective. It's also convenient for busy people like you. We are currently accepting new online clients from anywhere in Alberta, whether you are just down the street, or across the province.