Hope at home starts here.

YEG Family Counselling is here to support you and your most important people.


We all get lonely, sad, worried, and irritated when home feels hard.

It's not just you.

Thoughtful person feeling lost an alone.

You're feeling lost.

You or your child have been through a tough transition, a death, or an event that you just can't get over. You have intense fears, spikes of anger or moments of just wanting to be left the heck alone. Or it might be sneakier than that, and you just have an underlying sense of dread or worry. You see your kid acting almost normal, or trying so hard to hold it together, but you know that they are not quite themselves and could use some support.

Online Counselling

Get Support Wherever You Are.

Video-based online counselling is safe, secure, and effective. It's also convenient for busy people like you. 

YEG Family Counselling is currently accepting new online clients from anywhere in Alberta, whether you are just down the street, or across the province. Call to schedule a free 20-minute video consult and orientation to see if this is a fit for you.


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