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Affordable Counselling Program

Excellent Therapy, Lower Cost.

Wait. Private therapy costs HOW much? And the AHS waitlist is HOW long? One of the biggest things that get in the way of people healing is the cost of therapy. Because mental health care still isn't seen as essential in the same way as general medical care, it can get expensive. And, frankly, waiting to be seen by a therapist in the public healthcare system isn't always the best answer either.

Plus, if you are a person of colour, a newcomer, trans or queer, disabled, neurodivergent, or have other marginalized identities, accessing therapy becomes even more difficult. You have probably experienced more than your share of adversity in your life, whether that is due to traumatic events, discrimination, or minority stress (aka, just being you in the world), which means more needs in therapy, and thus even higher expense.

About the Affordable Counselling Program

As a part of our commitment to anti-oppressive work in our community, we have developed this affordable therapy program to do our part in making therapy more accessible for those who need it the most.


How much do sessions cost?

Sessions are at least half off at $110 per 50-minute session. For those who have more significant need, we are able to offer therapy for as low as $30.

Which therapists can see clients at low rates?

As a client, you will be seeing one of our Mental Health Therapy Interns who are all masters-level counselling students who are in the final stages of their degree. Interns are supervised in their work by our Clinical Director, Amy Nydam.

Do you offer this service online?

Yes! As long as you reside in Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Yukon, we can see you for online sessions. We also, of course, offer in person sessions in our Edmonton 124 Street Office.

Meet our Mental Health Therapy Interns

Lindsay Munangwa, BA

Mental Health Therapy Intern

Hey there I am Lindsay, a masters-level intern at YEG Family Counselling. Do you ever feel like you life is too complicated, no one will ever understand? I am here ready to understand your perspective on family, work, school, and overall life stressors. I am here to help! Don’t let money stop you as I can offer you a low rate for therapy.

Young Caucasian female sitting at cafe, saying sorry, trying to apologize to her mad and a

Apply for the Affordable Counselling Program Here:

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