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Online Counselling

Find Support Wherever You Find Yourself

The idea of online counselling sounds pretty strange to a lot of people. It feels like the type of thing that should be done in person: walk into a cozy office space, sit on the couch, interact with the warm, comforting presence of your therapist. In an ideal world, that might be true. But as more and more research is done on the topic, it's becoming clear that online video-based therapy can be just as effective as walking into a counselling office. 

As long as you reside in Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or the Yukon, we can see you for online sessions.

What technology is needed?


All you will need is a computer with a steady internet connection and a camera. A tablet or cell phone will do in a pinch, but a laptop or desktop is best. The software I use is built for healthcare, so you can be confident that your session is secure.


Most important? You'll need a private, safe space where you can be at ease, be assured that you can speak honestly, and not be interrupted.

Who is a good candidate?


Turns out, just about any kind of therapy can be done online. Seriously. We can do couples counselling, family counselling, even play therapy and parenting support. There are a few exceptions to this, of course, but you and your therapist can talk about the benefits and draw backs to online therapy based on you and what you are needing. 

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