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Here, "Family" simply means
the people that mean everything.

Who You Are

About Our Clients.

Trans? Autistic? Fat? Queer? Come on in and join the party.​


YEG FC was founded on the principles of feminism and anti-oppression. Those are big academic words that mean essentially this: our world is full systems that promote ablism, sexism and heterosexism, neurotypical-centrism, racism, and white privilege. These things are real, they affect all of us, and they especially negatively affect people on the margins, or, the "most different." For a nonbinary person, a person of colour, or a neurodivergent person, simply existing can feel like a battle sometimes, and the world is full of all kinds of negative messages that we have all internalized.


We want you to know this beyond doubt: we are supportive of all types of families and relationships. Our view is that your family is made up of the people most important to you, whether biological or chosen. Whether you have a traditional family, a queer family, or a polyamorous family; whether you are male or female or nonbinary; whether you are neurotypical or neurodivergent; whether you are married, dating, or single; whatever your skin colour, whatever your religion, whatever your background, you can find support and safety here.

To smiling women of colour embrace while looking comfortably at the camera. This represents YEG Family Counselling's committment to anti-oppression and creating a welcoming and inclusive place for people of colour, neurodivergent people, and LGBTQIA folks.
Who We Are

About Us.

We are a bunch of nerds who love working with people who are a bit different.


Look, this whole counselling process isn't about us. But since you asked, here are some things you should know:

1. We love our clients. Seriously! It's something that isn't often stated, but therapists really come to care for their clients.


2. We believe that every person is full of amazing ways to cope, survive, and thrive. Sometimes it just takes a little work to get those things working for you and not against you.


3. Though we are experts in our field, we are not experts on you. That means that you get a say in how therapy goes and get to influence what is created in the room with your therapist. 

4. We are human. Sometimes we make mistakes with our language or our assumptions; sometimes we just miss something or don't align with you perfectly. When this happens, we try to acknowledge it and repair the relationship.

5. We are all here because we know what it's like to not fit in. Yep. Pretty much across the board, that's the thing that unites us. We get it. 

Support Group
Two gay dads run excitedly alongside their young son as he learns to ride a bicycle. This represents YEG Family Counselling's focus on attachment theory within relationship counselling for couples, families, and individuals.

How we can help.

Creating safer attachments through experience.


Our top priority is that you feel safe and at ease. Research tells us that if you have a good alliance (which is just a fancy word for relationship) with your therapist, then change will almost certainly happen. During therapy we will explore your struggles, how they relate to your current and past experiences, and find ways to define the emotions that go along with them. You will learn to pay attention to your body, because it's the best way to tell what is going on in your nervous system. Neuroscience tells us that rewiring the nervous system is our best tool for healing from trauma and relating to others better.

Whether you are in therapy by yourself or with a loved one, your body, brain, and nervous system will begin to experience a new way of relating. This begins to create emotional and physiological changes that will help you to feel more connected to your partner, more at ease with yourself, and more understanding of your family members.

How We Can Help
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