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Who we are.

We are a team of therapists committed to providing excellent service to diverse clients.

YEG Family Counselling is a thriving private practice that focuses on attachment and neurobiology. The vision for our practice is to have an inclusive, warm space for both therapists and clients so that we can help people sort out the complexities of their relationships, along with the beliefs, somatic experiences, fear, and shame that sometimes come along with them. 

We are also committed to inclusion on purpose. By inclusion, we mean that every type of client, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, ability, neurodiversity, race, or religion, is welcome here, full stop. That goes for clinicians also. When we say “on purpose,” that means that we speak out against the capitalistic and patriarchal systems that keep people marginalized, both in session and out, we give back to our community, and we are committed to asking the hard questions of ourselves and each other when necessary. If you choose to apply, please include the word "espresso" in your application so that we know you read this and agree.

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Who you are.

Bring your voice. 

We are a looking to find not just any person, but the RIGHT person for our practice. Our practice is founded on the values of anti-oppression and authenticity, which means that we want your voice to matter. This also means that we want a variety of voices within our practice. This includes people of colour, gender-diverse people, neurodivergent people, queer people, and people from different cultural backgrounds. It also includes different modalities such as: counselling, psychology, and social work, but also: Occupational Therapy, Accupuncture, and others! If you like what you see on this website and would be excited to work here, get in touch and let us know what you can offer. 

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What we offer.


The opposite of red tape.

What we can offer you is a beautifully-furnished office space on 124th street with views of downtown, a growing community of colleagues who are like-minded, open dialogue with and between staff members, opportunities for involvement in the community together and ongoing learning opportunities.


- flexible schedule and the opportunity to hone your niche

- competitive session rates and pay splits

- paid networking time

- and a growing number of available other benefits as our growth continues to allow. 

Practicum Students

Come learn with us! 

One of our commitments as a practice is to have a thriving student practicum site. We love teaching and collaborating and believe that student therapists are one of the best resources out there to keep our practice fresh and full of creativity and energy. 

This practice is currently small and is actively growing, and that includes our practicum program.  A successful practicum student at YEG FC would be someone who is flexible, self-starting, proactive, and can clearly communicate their needs, frustrations, and questions. In addition to agreeing with our values as explained above and throughout this site, we also would want anyone who works with us to be experienced in (or interested in learning) attachment and somatic approaches with an awareness of feminist/anti-colonial therapy principles. 

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Ready to move forward?

Apply Online Now

Please carefully read this page and review the current job listings below. Then click the link to the appropriate application and follow the listed instructions!


Please note that we will ONLY review applications submitted via these links and do not accept applications submitted via email. Of course, if you have any questions, you can reach us via email.

Current Openings: 

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