Therapy as unique as you.

Attachment-based therapy for complex relationships.

Your problems don't fit into a neat little category, do they?

That totally makes sense. Below are some common categories that we find our clients struggle with. You are probably here because you have some specific concerns that need to be addressed and some specific questions you need to ask. 

If you've found us, it's probably because you (or your relationship or your family) are a little different. Maybe you have a specific set of unique personalities in your family. Maybe you want a practice that is overtly queer-friendly. Maybe you've got a new diagnosis of ADHD or autism on your hands.

Unique needs require a unique approach. 

Not every therapist can help with every problem, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just not in the know. But what that means is that if you read what we have written here and identify with it, we get you, and you'll probably get us. 

You got this. And we can help.

If you need an expert in all the beautiful and difficult imperfections of families, search no further. We are an inclusive therapy practice specializing in working families, couples, and individuals when things like as Neurodiversity, Coming Out, Chronic Illness, or Grief are getting in the way of connection. We also specialize in Religious Trauma and Spiritual Abuse. 


Reach out to ask more questions, or book an initial session now.

Prenatal Portrait

Religious Trauma Counselling

Church, religion, God... It's all wonderful until it's not anymore. Whether you're still a person of faith or have left your religious tradition (or both), we can help you sort it out.

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Prenatal, Postpartum, and Fertility Counselling

The process of making humans is fraught with difficulty. When expectations don't meet reality, guilt and grief take over. It's ok to ask for help.

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Grief and Trauma Counselling

Emotions are most overwhelming when we are alone with them. Let us walk beside you and share the burden.

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Counselling for Depression, Anxiety, and Burnout

Life can seriously wear you down, that's normal. But when you stay down, it's time to reach out.

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Counselling for Parents, Kids, and Families

Parenting is so so hard. We get that. However old your kid is, we can help them and help you know how to get through to them.

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Couples Counselling

There is nothing better than being in sync with your partner, but there is also nothing worse than being out of sync. A listening ear and a fresh, non-blaming perspective is waiting.

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Family Counselling

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and so do family struggles. If you and someone in your family are finding the way through difficult, come find the right fit right here