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Depression, Anxiety, and Burnout

When did the littlest things start to feel so unbelievably big?

Depression, anxiety, and even burnout are big words. Maybe they don't really resonate with you. Let's try some other descriptors on for size.

  • Exhausted.

  • Irritable.

  • At the end of your rope.

  • Overwhelmed.

  • DONE.

  • Feeling down on yourself.

  • Feeling guilty about things that aren't your fault.

  • Eating to feel better.

  • Using substances to escape.

  • Using social media to escape.

  • Numb.

  • Not yourself.

  • Not enjoying the things you used to enjoy.

  • Dragging yourself out of bed. Or, just staying there.

  • Stressed.

  • Needing control over something... anything.

  • Distant, disconnected, and lonely.

  • No room to support others like you used to.

  • Knowing that at any moment something bad is going to happen.

  • Nightmares. If you actually can get to sleep.

  • Thoughts and to do lists that just race around your head.

  • Not present for the people who matter most to you.

  • Feeling like there is no point.

  • Barely hanging on.


Did that pretty much cover it? We all go through these things in our lives, but sometimes the stress, overwhelm, fear... they take over and we aren't ourselves. And guess what? Searching for supports is your first step toward feeling more like yourself.

That list isn't who you really are.


Being done, overwhelmed, burnt out, tired, numb.... that's not you. It's been a long time since the "you-er" version of you was around, but they're still in there, waiting to be rediscovered.


During the first few sessions of therapy, you and your therapist will spend the majority of your time together exploring things like... What lead up to this point? Where are you struggling the most? What are your greatest strengths? After that, you will focus on the themes that emerge around how you view yourself, important others in your life, and the world around you. What deeply rooted beliefs and fears are down there? What past experiences are lingering around the edges haunting you? Those not-so-ideal but oh-so-understandable coping mechanisms? Where did they start and how have they helped you survive over the years?


Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy will help you explore the underlying needs and fears that are happening for you. Self Regulation Therapy and other body- and nervous system-based approaches can assist in creating safety to let your whole self heal.

Find the "You-er" You.

What would it be like to have some more positive coping mechanisms? Or better yet to just be living instead of constantly fighting to cope? Whoa. That's probably an unimaginable life-changing sentence. 


What would it be like to just be living instead of constantly fighting to cope?


We can't promise that it'll be easy, but we promise that it's possible. Reach out to schedule a free 15-minute consult to see if it's a good fit, or better yet, book your appointment now. 

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