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Natasha Bain, MA


Registered Provisional Psychologist

Natasha Bain, MA

About Me

I love working with kids (4 and up) dealing with anxiety and behaviour struggles, parents, young adults working through identity, and women who struggle with self esteem, perfectionism, and anxiety.

My Ideal Client

I work with kids (4 and up), Parents, Families, and Individuals. I especially love working with:

  • Kids with anxiety, low mood, or behaviour struggles who would benefit from play therapy,

  • Young adults who are dealing with identity things like feeling different, questions about themselves and the future, or dealing with relationship struggles

  • Women and Men who struggle with perfectionism, Anxiety, and Self esteem, and trauma.

  • Parents who need support or new strategies to engage with their complex kids or family dynamics

  • Neurodiverse children and their families (Autism, ADHD, OCD, etc.)

  • Adults going through times of transition

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Working with Me 

I am a warm, playful therapist who loves to help people feel right at home. When I am with families and parents, I understand deeply the level of struggle that they are experience and try to approach therapy first looking at strengths. With adults and individuals, I rely on the themes of attachment science and to see struggles as adaptive strategies that have deep roots. In those moments we are always doing the best we can with what we have and know. 

My style is relaxed, warm, collaborative and conversational with lots of curiosity. I tailor my approach to the unique needs of my clients while using compassion, empathy, and respect. Therapy is a space that we will create together, weaving together your experiences in a way that will begin to make more sense.

My Experience

  • Bilingual - French and English

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist #P7549

  • Registered with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association #10008797

  • Ordre des infirmières et infirmier du Québec (former)

  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

  • Masters Level coursework in Child and Adolescent Development and Child Studies

  • Extensive experience in Early Childhood Education and Development

  • Special Experience with Childhood Anxiety Disorders, Play Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy

When I'm not at YEG FC...

I am a mom to two sweet and energetic young children, so I have the amazing privilege of getting to play at work as well as at home! I enjoy reading, the calming effect of coloring, travelling, going for walks in the woods. In the summer, my family and I enjoy nights around the fire and going for ice cream. I also love to learn new languages.

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