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Amy Nydam, MC, R.Psych


Registered Psychologist

Amy Nydam, MC, R.Psych

About Me

I am the proud owner and founder of YEG Family Counselling. I specialize in helping individuals, families and couples when Neurodiversity, mental health, and other struggles are getting in the way of communication and connection. I also loves working with new moms, trans folks, queer couples and families, and those who have experienced religious trauma.

My Ideal Client

I work with individuals (12+), couples, and families.

I also work with a limited number of children doing play therapy, depending on the complexity of their needs.

I especially loves working with:

  • Neurodiverse couples and families (ADHD, Autism, OCD, TD, etc.)

  • Neurodivergent women and non-binary folks struggling with their relationships and/or identity, especially those who have been diagnosed as adults.

  • Couples negotiating consensual non-monogamy or one partner coming out as queer or trans.

  • People who have been hurt, rejected, or alienated from religious communities based on their gender, sexuality, or mental health.

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Working with Me 

I am a big nerd when it comes to a few topics, two of which are attachment and the nervous system. In session you will hear me talk about these two things a lot. The bottom line is, when our key relationships (like partner and parent-child relationships) are in distress, our bodies react as though our lives are in danger. I believe deeply that this explains so much of what feels in the moment like "irrational" behaviour. We always have a reason for what we do, and usually it has to do with safety.

My style is conversational, relaxed, warm, and empathic, but when I need to, I am not afraid to interrupt and be directive, especially when there is more than one person in the room.

My Experience

  • Registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists #4253

  • Member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta

  • Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist (Couples, Families, and Individuals)

  • Member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Play therapy training in Synergetic Play Therapy, Theraplay, and Child-centred Play Therapy

When I'm not at YEG FC...

I am mom to three adorable and tiring young children, so I am familiar with the joy and exhaustion that comes with the parenting territory. I am also an obsessive knitter. I enjoy the tactile, calming, productiveness of knitting, and it gives my ADHD hands something to do! My family and I also love to go camping, especially in the National Parks of the US and Canada.

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