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Pawblic Relations Specialist


About Me

I am a spritely, independent kitty who comes to work with Amy when I feel like it. When you come through the door I will definitely come to say hi! I like all people and will try to make your day a little bit better.

My Ideal Client

  • Anyone with a treat

  • Anyone that will pet me

  • Anyone who will listen to my thoughts and opinions

  • Anyone with a heartbeat

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Working with Me 

Well, what can I say about myself? I am a cat. I like food, so if you give me one of the treats in the waiting room I will give you lots of attention. You will probably be mesmerized by my amazing blue eyes and if you're lucky, you'll get to hear my very faint purr. I have lots to say, and at first my meow can sound a little demanding, but in actually I'm just a kitty who loves people, loves treats, and loves exploring new things.

My Experience

  • Meowsters Degree in Mousing and General Pest Control

  • Bachelor of Expressive Arts in Singing and Wand Dancing

  • Purrfessional Development includes: Distress Tolerance for Cat that live with preschoolers, Solution-focused Biscuit Making, and Emotionally Focused Head Butting

When I'm not at YEG FC...

I live in Amy's home which I like for the most part. There is good food and some comfy places to lounge in the sun. Surprisingly, I'm not into boxes or enclosed spaces because I used to be a stray, but give me a good mouse or bird toy and I'm on cloud nine. There are a few smaller humans in her house that I tolerate but coming to the office gives me a good break from them. 

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