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Pilar Roqueni, MSW


Clinical Social Worker

Pilar Roqueni, MSW

About Me

I specialize in working with QTBIPOC individuals, families and couples who struggle with finding connection, managing mental health and/or struggle thriving in their neurodivergence. I love working with Indigenous, two spirit people, and families with intergenerational trauma.

My Ideal Client

I work with Individuals, couples, families, teens, and kids. I especially love working with:

  • QTBIPOC individuals and families

  • Neurodivergent people 

  • People who struggle finding balance in their relationships

Book your Free 30 minute Inquiry call or Fill out a quick online intake to get started.

Working with Me 

I am passionate about diversity in all its forms (neurodiversity, gender diversity, cultural diversity, etc.) and how it impacts our views on the world and our relationships. I am very passionate about the nervous system, how we form attachments and heal from them and through them. I believe in an empathic and conversational therapy space where people can feel safe, respected and understood. I am available for online and in person sessions.

My Experience

  • Registered Social Worker (Alberta #14814)

  • Multi-lingual, offering therapy in English, Spanish, and French

  • Training in EMDR and DBT

  • Extensive experience using attachment-based counselling with couples and Families

  • Training in Theraplay for children, teens, and families

When I'm not at YEG FC...

I love hiking and crafting (especially sewing) and just building things with my hands to keep busy. I love snowshoeing and just being outdoors in general with my partner, my dog and my cat. I love movies and good coffee.

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