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About Me

We are expanding and looking for inclusive, passionate nerds who want to join our practice. If you are a Psychologist, Social Worker, OT, or other health professional who is passionate about Attachment and Neurobiology and likes working with clients who are a little "different", you might just be our type of person.

My Ideal Client

You love working with clients who are a little different and/or are going through pretty tough struggles. You know who your ideal client is, and in that way, you are confident (but humble, too, folks!) about your ability to help them.

You are definitely aware of the contextual factors like race, gender, sexuality, and neurodiversity, and how they affect mental health. You have compassion for clients' struggles because you started down the road of exploring your own context and how this has led you to where you are now. 

Working with Me 

You are trained and/or experienced in the mental health field, especially in modalities that are based in Attachment and Neurobiology. This gives you a framework within which to understand clients' whole selves, mind and body. That might be Attachment-based EMDR, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Play therapy, or others!

You are really good at your craft, but also always looking to learn something new. You enjoy working in a team of passionate people who collaborate to help clients, and you are looking to work in a group that values your unique set of skills. 

You are a dynamic team player who loves thinking creatively through problems. You are friendly, flexible, and aren't afraid to communicate assertively, and are looking to work with others who offer this also. You are open to contributing to the practice not just in session, but through networking, marketing, and volunteer work with the team.

My Experience

  • Masters degree in Social Work or Psychology or

  • A degree in OT, Massage, Accupuncture

  • Experience practicing in the Mental Health field

  • Member in good standing with your governing body

When I'm not at YEG FC...

You are just yourself, shamelessly doing the nerdy or normal things that you love to do.

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