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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Direct Referral 

for Physicians

Let us help bridge the gap.

As a doctor (or someone who works in the medical system elsewhere), you're someone who cares deeply about your patients and wants to see them get the kind of holistic support they need. And you only have 10 minutes at a time with them! 

We want to help.

We are trying a pilot program where we are experimenting with a direct referral process for physicians, nurse practitioners, and others in the medical field who may want to recommend our services to clients.


Normally as a private practice, we might give doctors or clinics our information to pass along to patients, but we know that when it comes to mental health, sometimes the biggest barrier for folks is making that first connection. That is the gap we want to try to narrow.

How does it work?


Follow the links in the form below to either fill out an online referral within google forms, or download, fill out, and then re-upload the 2-page pdf referral form.

Once we receive the information, we will reach out to clients to tell them about our services, do an intake, and assign a therapist. From there, with the client's permission, we will keep you informed on treatment goals, progress, outcomes, and recommendations. 

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